Get Exclusive Review of song ‘main rang sharbaton ka’.

Music is a need today in each and every one’s life. If you don’t like music then maybe you are missing an important part of Life.

Review main rang sharbaton ka

Well Music helps a person to get out of the Depression, Feel Your Emotions, Express your love and many more but a correct music is necessary at certain situation to actually feel it.So, one need to go for different category music to actually realize –“What music is”?

If one is still confused which music to choose then blindly go for ‘Bollywood’ Music? It is the best music ever which was liked worldwide. One should first try this year’s biggest liked tune the main rang sharbaton ka track from the album photo poster nikla hero.

Who cracks this year’s Bollywood Music Charts?

Guess! That’s here; this year’s Romantic track main rang sharbaton ka from  Bollywood movie ‘Phata poster nikla hero’. This track was composed by one of the Magic composer’s Pritam Chakraborty, with lyrics composed by Irshad Kamil and Amitabh Bhattacharya, Who were  popular Lyricist’s of Bollywood.
The song was actually sung by at if Aslam -A Pakistani pop singer now a popular playback singer in Bollywood movies and film actor His albums hit the charts always; His shows were loved worldwide where he performs on different category of songs. And Chinmayi is an Indian playback singer, performing primarily in the South Indian film industry.

She’s also a voice actor, and did great as a Stereo jockey and a television presenter as well, and another version of main rang sharbaton ka is sung by ArijitSingh.

Actually, the whole album of ‘Phata poster nikla hero’ hits the charts. Where this statement was proved as it is commonly seen track were played in many ceremonies and parties of India as well as people from other nations.

Evidences of its popularity:

  • It was used nearly around all the Award shows for a Romantic number by Television and Bollywood Stars.
  • It’s Video Hits on YouTube and was liked and subscribed my thousands of music lovers.
  • A research says main rang sharbaton ka was one of the highest downloaded tracks of this year ever.
  • One can easily find its different versions of the ring tone in mobiles of various aged people’s of India.
  • It was remixed worldwide by different popular DJ’s for their albums for a big part number.

Critical Review:

Critics of Bollywood music recommend everyone to try main rang sharbaton ka song once before giving their review. Their common review comprises of more than 4 stars as they termed this track as one of the Romantic sensation of the year and the Lyrics comprises of a type of Indian ’Desi’ way to express one’s love to another.

Where to get this Track?

It’s very easily available at leading music outlets all over the world; one can also download it from different web Music Website’s under the Bollywood section where it is mostly available  in 128kbps and 320 kbps bitrates.


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